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The Rural Charm of the Pollença Valley and the Craftsmanship of Mallorcan Fabrics

Welcome to the Rural Charm of the Pollença Valley and the Craft of Mallorcan Fabrics

Part 1: The Essence of the Environment

In this corner of Mallorca, the valley of Pollença welcomes us with its serenely flowing torrent, surrounded by ancient stone walls and lush native flora. Along the way, we will discover a variety of fruit trees, from orange and lemon trees to towering avocado trees, each telling a unique story of adaptation and survival in this thriving environment.

Part 2: The Guardians of the Earth

Meet Josep and Nicolau, regenerative farming and ranching friends, who are the modern day custodians of this ancient land. Their commitment to innovative and sustainable farming practices has been recognised with the Mallorca Award in 2023 for their outstanding organic farming.

Part 3: The Taste of Tradition

We will immerse ourselves in the experience of the farm, from the milking parlour to the curing room, where each step of the process reflects the care and dedication of the artisans. The final tasting of their products will transport us to a world of exquisite flavours and seductive textures, a tribute to the love and devotion to the land.

Part 4: The Magic of Mallorcan Cloth

We continue our adventure into the heart of Mallorcan heritage with a visit to a family-run textile factory founded in 1854, located in the charming village of Pollença. Here, we will immerse ourselves in the rich history and intricate craftsmanship behind the famous "Roba de Llengües", a fabric deeply rooted in the island's cultural identity.

Part 5: Tradition and Craftsmanship in Action

During the guided tour, we will explore the labyrinthine workshop where the secrets of this exquisite weaving technique are revealed. We will observe the meticulous selection of high quality cotton and linen yarns, the basis for the durability and beauty of the Roba de Llengües. The artisans, with expert hands, will prepare the warp and weft threads, giving way to the intricate weaving process.

Part 6: Colours and Patterns that Tell Stories

We will admire the vibrant hand-dyed colours and intricate patterns that convey stories without words, preserving the essence of Mallorcan heritage through generations. The visit will culminate in the showroom, where we can appreciate the creations of Roba de Llengües, from traditional tablecloths and bedspreads to contemporary garments and accessories.


This back-to-back experience in the Pollença Valley not only connects us with nature and agricultural traditions, but also immerses us in Mallorca's rich artisan heritage. From the authentic flavours of the land to the magic of traditional weaving, every moment invites us to appreciate and preserve the culture and craftsmanship that make this island unique.


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