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In Toureco we immerse ourselves in the Mallorcan culture.

An authentic culture, full of traditions and passions to make sense of the experiences you will live. We have carefully designeg close to the hands and hearts of experts farmers artisans and artists of the island.

Sustainability is our main axis.

Taking care of the social, environmental and economic part of Mallorca, we design experiences premises located mainly in the heart of the island to decentralize the crowd of tourists who are located on the coast.

SOCIAL - The agreements with our collaborators and already, friends are personalized. Our goal is to continue having the same way of life they had until they met us. We do not move their market times or their private spaces where we are, full of life and daily life. This is the true local experience.

ECONOMIC - We are convinced that change begins in small places, with
minority trades, hidden and low availability. Because this is what makes them
unique. We have done our bit in places where they would not have thought that tourism could be a source of income, thus promoting a rural-local economy.

ENVIRONMENT - Taking care of the environment where we are, of the varieties of fruit and vegetables in each season, is our speciality and enjoyment. Because each field or finca has products with a different colour, smell and taste, according to the season. And It is well worth living. 


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