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Glass factory and felt workshop

We will begin our journey at one of the few glass-blowing factories still operating in Spain, founded by a local family in 1964 near Palma. Here, you'll experience first-hand the process of glass creation, from the initial recycling to the transformation into iconic pieces such as glass oil cruets. Immerse yourself in the artisan warmth as the experts shape the glass with precision and skill.

But this is just the beginning. This place is not just a factory, it is a universe of design and tradition. In its boutique, you will find a wide variety of unique decorative objects that fuse the tradition of glass blowing with contemporary avant-garde designs, reflecting the "Mallorca Lifestyle".

After exploring the world of glass, we will move on to the felt workshop located in the same factory, in an artisan coworking area. Here, the felt artisan will be ready to show us the process the wool goes through to make an exfoliating soap. If you wish, you will have the opportunity to participate and create your own eco-friendly Sóller soap, covered in your wool artwork!
At the end of the experience, you will take home your own creations: unique soaps and felted works of art that capture the essence of Mallorca. Each piece is a testament to your connection to the land, tradition and creativity, always reminding you of the beauty and authenticity of this Mediterranean island.

Join us on this handmade adventure where you will create lasting memories and authentic Mallorcan works of art that will stay with you forever!


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