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Mallorcan Week

We have prepared an experiential week for you.

Are you ready to introduce yourself to another era, in Mallorca that keeps the secrets, the recipes that have passed from grandparents to children, the one that walks slowly and stops in the small details, together with those that have constituted the Mallorca that we appreciate today ?

Integrating into a culture takes time: knowing a language, a seasonal and traditional product, a greeting and way of being, knowing the land and the climate is essential and that is reflected in the people who live there. We will approach you.


1st day - Get to know a typical Possession or old Mallorcan house and its old trades. (Binissalem - 3 hours and a half)


2nd day - Know a typical winery, know how to taste the wine and taste it with the typical products of the island. (Petra - 2 and a half hours)


3rd day - Visit a Traditional Market, with animals, vegetables, typical products arranged on the streets of the center of the island. (Sineu - 3 hours)


4th day - Visit the place with the most figs in the world and fill the baskets, tasting them step by step. (Llucmajor - 2 hours and a half)


5th day - Meet a forest of orange trees in a possesió of the Tramuntana. (Soller - 2 and a half hours)


6th day - Day a la carte - Depending on the group you choose how to end the week. We give three options, knowing previously the profile.


All local experiences consist of an authentic tasting of the land.

If required, the guide can accompany the group for 2 or 3 hours, complementing the experiences with a visit in a natural - cultural environment.


The earth speaks and tells us that we do not have to forget about it, its roots, its flower that gives color and offers us the fruit, how fortunate we are to have everything within our reach.

We give you the opportunity to spend a week knowing the secret corners of the heart of the island in the purely Malloquín style.

We will wait for you.
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Day: 11/07/2014 - 15:00h Artist in clay and ceramic
Artist in clay and ceramic Sta Eugenia, Valldemosa 6 - 15 Pers. 03:00
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